Lets see what sticks!

Welcome!  This is the landing page of various projects Vaibhav keeps working on. He is  not sure which of these ventures will hatch and get wings but the art of start demands going through things until you make meaning!

Do check out –

Current Active Projects :

  1. vMudi : http://www.vmudi.com: A mood game!
  2. HealthBlog: http://healthblog.vitraag.com: A blogging excursion in HealthCare IT.: A blogging excursion in HealthCare IT.
  3. Programming HealthCare Silos: http://silosbook.vitraag.com – A book introducing HealthCare IT to Web 2.0 Programmers.
  4. Karkhana: http://thekarkhana.vitraag.com
  5. WiseVoter: http://www.wisevoter.org

Dormant Projects:

  1. A data analysis toolkit / framework for services.
  2. Reemedix: http://www.reemedix.com: An approach to achieve clinical groupware.
  3. HealthAssist: http://healthassist.reemedix.com – Converse with your Health data!
  4. Wines Of East: http://www.winesofeast.com

Deadpool Project(s):

  1. Nip.am: http://nip.am – A socially conscious URL Shortener.
  2. FitLive: http://fitlive.dreamhosters.com

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