Recently my team did the following presentation for our business development methods class:

The project was to find ways to propose a new business for a local company Treemo. We collaborated with the COO – Jeff Yee. Jeff was really a pleasure to work with, he almost instantaneously replied to our emails.

Anyhoo the presentation as you see here is proposing a company to help folks focus and improve the visibility of their amateur sports! The presentation and the related financial analysis and marketing research was very well received. We got comments like – “best presentation”, “can I go check this out? Is this real?” , “I would love to have something like this, especially since I’m a soccer mom”.

We also got very consturctive feedback like focussing more on a niche – may be niche of high school students wanted to get university scholarships via sports or may be a family oriented hub niche!!

The entire excercise was very frutiful for me, Mark & Cam. But we dont have customers or funding yet… any one out there???

One thought on “Visible

  1. Hey Vaibhav..this is a very interesting concept. Just curious – do you intend to build the revenue model around advertising? Or do you have layers of site where the professionals pay a subscription and search for the talent? Also it might be a good idea to include PodCasting as one of the distribution media.


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