Winter Bike Commute

One of my long overdue goal is to commute in winter at least a couple of times a week. The bike commute from Capitol hill to Redmond is about 18 miles and takes me anywhere from 50 minutes to 1:30 hours.

The hard things in Seattle winter are rain, cold temperature and the short day light. I’m summarizing below the list of things i need to do in order to be ready for this hefty goal (other than getting motivated :)).

The ride

I’m planning to finish building the the touring bike I started to build with Chris earlier this season. I would require a good frame for the same. I’m planning on putting cyclo-cross tires on them, fenders and of-course use the panniers from Seattle to SF ride.

The lights

This is tough and expensive category. I need light to-see and to-be seen.

Experienced cyclists recommend the Niterider as a backlight and MagicShine as a helmet lite.

For blinkers REI sells the planet bike blaze (1W), and the planet bike super-lasher.


I guess i would need to buy –

  • Facemask
  • Incandescent Jacket
  • Thermal Gloves (Gauntlets?)
  • Thermal bike wear – Performance bike wear?
  • Rain pants – (I have them already?)


Waterproof shoes is a hard thing. I’m planning to use booties over my current bike shoes. Some folks recommend the Shimano MT60’s.

Anything I missed?  Please leave suggestions in the comments. I’m specifically looking to buy multipurpose gear and equipment. I already have too much of it from my climbing and snow-boarding.

One thought on “Winter Bike Commute

  1. Cool!! Maybe you can get away from the lights issue by resolving to get up with the sun and come back home with the sunset? That way you can still use your current not-so-powerful lights on the bike? :)


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