Riding The Southern Indian peninsula – #2

Expanding on my previous post.

Cause: Education

  • Teach For India – Raise $10,000 for Milind’s fellowship
  • Asha For Education – Visit projects and fundraise.

Itinerary (more details coming soon):

Date Destination Distance (km) Accommodation Notes
Dec 12 Nasik
Dec 13 Chennai Train from Nashik to Chennai and carry bike.
Dec 14 Mahabalipuram 60 Keeping this as safety, can also do it the day I arrive.
Dec 15 Auroville 105 Rishi’s parents Cross Kaveri!
Dec 16 Cauverippattinam 123
Dec 17 Vedranyam 107
Dec 18 (Sat) Kottaipattinam 115 1 more person joins here.
Dec 19 Rameshwaram 139 Advise from riders seems not to miss this ride, so canning Madurai for now :-(
Dec 20 Holding this as safety, might stay in rameshwaram or ride to next town
Dec 21 Tuticorin 197
Dec 22 Kanyakumari 130 2 more people join here. Checkout the windmill farm.
Dec 23 Trivandrum 102 Other option is also Kovalam (15km before Trivandrum)
Dec 24 Varkala 45 Houseboat Stay in the houseboat and enjoy Christmas eve
Dec 25 (Sat) Alappuzha (Allepey) 121 Some ferry travel involved.
Dec 26 Kodungalloor 100
Dec 27 Kodungalloor – Thanalur (113)- Mahe (112)- Kumble (137) 362 Train Take Kerala Express so that we can get to Goa in time :).
Dec 28 Mangalore 40 See Mangalore
Dec 29 Bhatkal 146
Dec 30 Mashe 150
Dec 31 Panji ! 86 Celebration new year in Panji
Jan 1  (Sat)
Jan 2 Panji – Nashik Train

2 thoughts on “Riding The Southern Indian peninsula – #2

  1. Kollam is 40 kms after Trivandrum if you are coming from Kanyakumari. I think you mean Kovalam which is 15 kms before Trivandrum.

    Alappuzha (or Allepey) not Alappuela.

    Kodungalloor not Kodugallur.nn1


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