Reactjs Nitbits — Zero Configuration TestDrive

The goal of this post is to document my experience of starting to code a react application without much experience. The simple app will have a responsive interface to enable me to log how much water I drink to a google spreadsheet. I would like to host the application either on github or s3.

Minimum Viable React Unit

Step 1. Start with the facebook getting started one page app template

> sudo npm install -g create-react-app

Step 2: Create the water-logger app

> create-react-app water-app
> npm start

Step 3: Deploy to github pages

The react documentation has a few steps to deploy it to github pages by specifying the homepage field. Once the repository is created, and the homepage defined (so much for zero configuration) you can deploy the application.

> npm run deploy


The one-page all up and running!

Next Steps

Now we need to add the buttons, and support the capability of storing information in google sheets to complete our minimum-viable-product.

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