Walking the old ropes for a new mate

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Yep! i’m on the east coast helping out Vaidehi get settled in to life as a graduate student! In this picture, she is at her alma mater showcasing the big-M. This reminds me of my days as a graduate student from India trotting the soils (eventually spoils) of US of A. I have been trying to assist her in getting all tucked up for the semester bash but hey! I’m also trying not to feed her too much!! After all self-reliance works best, but yep as a younger sibling i do pamper her a little bit :). Indulgences and bonds!!!

Learning the ropes

I’m really happy that Vaidehi will be soon be going to The University of Maryland. Here program is a very interesting mix of techincal and managerial courses in telecommunications.

Over the four years in United States I have realized that early risers are very effective and efficient workers. However a student life is very un-predictable and some courses are in the evening as well. But hej, I guess everything gets over by 9 so waking up at 6 should not be a big deal!

From my campus life in the radical school of UCSC I learnt more my socializing with other folks than in the class-room. I actually got a very broad view of life and yep arts. So mixing with other folks and brooding new interests is something which is way easier in school than anywhere else.

The Indian education system focusses on rote learning and the culture to certain extent is closed (people just like to hang out with their kinds). These are the prime two things which one should strive to un-learn on the US campuses.

Having said a few paras about my learning and un-learning i must say that no education is complete with international experience. I will always feel lucky that i got a chance to undergo this amazing learning process.

Universities For MS

So what all universities should Sweety pick up to apply for Masters’?

The universities to pick up should be a combination of Best, Good and Easy to Get In. So if we apply to say 10 univ each should be like 3,3,4.

The other criteria is picking up universities according to the interest. So say 5 with courses of Public admin + technology and 5 just Plain MS in communication but have courses in public administration.

The other question is what major should she pick up?

I think she should sit down and she in heart of hearts what she really really want to do. If that she figures out that to be for e.g Public Administration then she should pick up course which are a combination of Technology and public administration/ policy.

So the List?


University Area Major Ranking How to Get in Contact
University Of Washington Washington Syracuse University New York Texas A and M Texas California State Univ, Chico California Central Michigan University Michigan

Our Family

Hey Welcome to the familyzone of Bhandari’s. Its really exciting, we are a family of sorts! Vaibhav, Kamal and Vaidehi in Seattle, Tai and JiJu in Nasik and Bapu in Lasalgaon! All of us will post here and create the family zone!! What say, everyone?

So yes steps to start posting here?

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So what we do here?

  1. Discuss our family lives!
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  • So this is it, for the first day.