Day Dreaming, Soñar despierto


Another installment of pic and a poem inspired by Daydreaming in Blue Lines by Massive Attack


“Day dreaming, Soñar despierto

Wish i was a lizard, and i could crawl

Wish i was superman, and i could fly

My intentions are frolicky and I’m not a malvado

Tiennes solo una viva,lets strive for pura ¡viva!

If you dig your life add another line…”

I Gotta Feeling


Another installment of pic and poem, inspired by I Gotta Feeling, by Black Eyed Peas –

“There is rice, and rasam

There is poddi and pickle

Food on a banana leaf is a tradition from the south

Makes for a growing appetite and a water mouth

A morsel of delicious food in company of compassionate kindling

Makes for a good good night, I gotta a feeling!

Believe in me


New week and another installment of pic and poem, inspired by Believe in Me, Future Trance, ATB.


“Believe in me, I can hold against the elements

I harness all that strength a rebar at a time

In vast sands of times, we have survived all the antagonists

Belief is the key element in addition to those five

Believe in me…”

Smiles light up the day

TajMahalAnother installment of a pic and a poem :

“Smiles light up the day

Taj Mahal is lit by morning rays

It’s a unique creation you might say

A hope near the river, a dedication to love

May be its an impulse to highlight the mundane

A masterpiece to celebrate the cliché

Let smiles light up the day!”

Beauty’s companion is the beast

Mt.BakerAnother installment of a pic and a poem –

Beauty’s companion is the beast

There is hunger preceding a real feast

White complements black and so does yin with yang

Life’s battles are small and big

But with every victory there is a smile to be had

And with every summit there is a grandeur to be imbibed!